These are the most superb pictures I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. They are literally works of art!
Mike Bell(non-registered)
I appears I have a very talented Cousin!. Love your work... a very perceptive eye! x
Mette Pugholm(non-registered)
I love your work so much Kirsten...creative, different and heartwarming...cant wait to have you do Frederik and Sophias portraits one day:-)
Lisbeth Andersen(non-registered)
Beautiful and natural pictures! Love it!
Adri Scheepers(non-registered)
Your photos are outstanding! A true photographers eye for capturing images that others may not even see.
Michelle Preen(non-registered)
Amazing photos! I particularly love the portraits. You really capture the emotions of your subjects.
Leah Adams(non-registered)
Just love your way of capturing natural beauty in people and the ever changing landscape around you - you are an inspiration.
Daniella R. DeLaRue(non-registered)
Love your work here. Just love it all from the portraits to the more candid shots. Huge fan of black and white images as well.
sivvie lio(non-registered)
beautiful, just my kind of photos i feel like i am actually looking at them for real not just a photo
Kent Lassacher-Busk(non-registered)
What you see comes out in good photos..........
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